Full details of Oktoberfest 2021 will follow

Oktoberfest 2019


Germany is coming to Ossett 


 Tickets available now from £12.50

What you get Pint of Oktoberfest beer and a big plate of 5 types of German Sausage + fries plus a great night out licence till 2am


Tickets available in the shop and online



Oktoberfest Beers 2019 -

Augustiner £3.** 6.0% Golden malty beer

Hacker-Pschorr Marzen £3.** 5.8% Gold coloured malty flavour mild bitterness typical Oktoberfest beer 

Hofbrau £3.** 6.3% Silky-smooth, full-bodied, flavourful taste and a slightly hoppy, floral finish 

Lowenbrau £3.** 6.1% Light golden beer with citrus aroma and nice hop finish 

Paulaner £3.** 6.0% Full bodied stronger version with malty sweetness

Spaten £3.** 5.9% Aromatic gold coloured beer